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Good-All is  an easy way to buy  Eco-friendly products. Our website is  designed with the future of people, our planet and profit in mind. Good-All is built on sustainability and we aim to provide our customers with carbon-neutral products from our natural sources to your front door.

​Packaging Collection

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Why are we better?   

  • Good-all provides a viable solution to reduce the large amount of pollution and waste caused by packaging. Good-All’s marketplace only sells Eco-friendly certified products. Good-all shipping and production is our main concern. We offer carbon-neutral shipping by offsetting emissions, ship items in bulk, use sustainable packaging materials that can be repurposed, and offer a returns program for your empty product containers. We recycle on behalf of your suppliers and offer shipping-friendly items.   These sustainable products provide consumers with eco-conscious options, resulting in a healthier planet. Good-All business model supports our vision of a better, greener world.

How do we cosign?   

  • Step 1 - Interested Distributors click the “Sell” tab on our website

    • Distributors who are interested in consigning with Good-All may click the "Sell" tab on our website, which will guide them to a step-by-step distribution process and a questionnaire about eco-friendly certification. Eco-friendly certifications like Green seal. Good-All relies heavily on consignment products from companies for inventory.

  • Step 2 -  Distributors complete the Consignment Interest Form

    • Distributors should continue by completing the Consignment Interest Form; filling out information for each product they plan to sell. This includes the type of product, name, color, size, manufacturing cost, manufacturer, product ingredients, and what environmental issue the product solves.  

  • Step 3 - Shipping Label

    • After submitting the Form and being approved by our approval team, Distributors will receive a free shipping label via email. The seller can either supply its own packaging materials or buy from us for a fee. Good-All encourages  Distributors to recycle previously used shipping boxes and limit packaging. 

  • Step 4 - Product Inspection

    • After the products are received by Good-All’s Delivery Management Team, they will be carefully inspected and sorted then shipped to consumers. If consumers purchased a bundle box it would be assembled by the delivery team before being shipped.

  • Step 5. Payment and Commission

    • The Distributor’s payment information will be entered during the completion of the Consignment Interest Form, which will be used to collect the 5% Commission fee and the one-time fee of $350 and also used to give the Distributor their own compensation from the sale.

What is our Return Policy?

  • All Good-All purchases have an extended 60-day return policy (some exceptions apply). After your return is processed, we’ll email you when the refund is issued to your payment method. Refunds may take up to 10 additional days to be available in your account, depending on your bank’s policies. Funds are typically available within 24 hours of the refund being issued. You can check your balance online at any time.  Knowing the reason for a return is important to our company since it helps to improve our business practices and build trust with our customers. It also is useful to help to better market our products and to attract new customers. The customer shall be provided with a replacement if the product is damaged along with added store credit. If the customers are returning the product because they aren't interested we can give a refund and they may or may not be charged for the shipping cost to return the item. If the product is returned it would be sent back to retailers.
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